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  • Tazia Machl

New Year, New Steps

As we say goodbye to 2022, many of us are brainstorming ways to make the New Year one of prosperity and joy. We all have goals we want to set, habits to break or to make, and steps to take for a wonderful 2023.

While writing all of these resolutions, why not consider making yours having healthy feet? For some, this may seem like a completely unreachable goal. For others, it may seem unnecessary. Yet it is proven that footcare lays the groundwork for a sound mind and body, and, luckily, is far more attainable than one might imagine.

Quality shoes and orthotics may seem like luxurious items, but in reality, they are a necessity. Investing in a pair of well-made shoes will guarantee you a lifetime of comfort.

For instance, the right shoe will improve circulation in your feet and legs, which has been shown to greatly reduce the appearance of varicose veins and swollen legs. Additionally, your posture will immensely improve- when your body is in its proper alignment, you will stand and walk in a natural position, reducing foot strain and back pain.

Of course, a properly-fitted quality pair will allow for increased activity levels as well. Exercise is crucial for health, but the wrong shoes can make it completely unbearable. By wearing a comfortable pair, even something as simple as a walk will be far more enjoyable. Your feet hold your body up- why not protect them in return?

At Heisler's Bootery, we have a variety of items guaranteed to suit your footcare needs, from shoes to orthotics to socks. Our incredibly popular Gravity Defyer line absorbs shock and results in 85% less knee pair. Many customers have testified to their comfort and long term benefits- come on in to try on a pair!

Not ready to purchase a new pair of shoes? You can still find increased comfort by

adding a pair of Aetrex orthotics to even your most rigid shoe. With our Albert Pro scanner, finding the perfect pair only takes a matter of seconds which will bring you years of relief. We also have numerous shoes made by Aetrex, each of which features cushioned and supportive insoles.

Suffer from plantar fasciitis, paresthesia, or just want a cushioned foot? Heisler's Bootery sells dozens of American-made Sockwell products which alleviate foot pains. Made from Merino Wool, Sockwell socks absorb moisture and are perfect for any lifestyle and any foot condition.

Make 2023 your healthiest year yet and invest in our quality footcare products.

New Year, new comfortable steps.

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