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Long-Lasting Shoes In Spite of a Midwest Winter

A Midwest winter: extremely romanticized, incredibly annoying. Sure, the wonders of sledding with family, hot cocoa in front of a warming fire, and snow mystifying the Earth as it pours from the sky cannot be denied. Yet, those pleasures don't live up to their hype when considering the actual reality of a Midwest winter. Constant cold, soaked through socks, mysterious black sludge lining the road, and the rate of awful drivers doubling.

'Tis the Season.

Another common Winter annoyance is cold feet- and not the kind that would ruin Valentine's Day. Many struggle to find a pair of winter shoes which are fashionable, durable, and won't immediately soak through and leave you with maimed toes. Fortunately, Heisler's Bootery has many comfortable styles that solve such problems!

Our Baffin products provide comfort at sub-zero temperatures, are lightweight, and will protect you from puddles, snow, slush, and nearly anything else. Our Aetrex Winter line provides customers with weatherproof options in chic styles and comfortable insoles.

Pictured: Baffin Zone, Available in Numerous Sizes and Colors

Yet even the most high quality boots can succumb to salt and slush, making it crucial that foot-owners put conscious effort into shoe maintenance. Below are tips that will help your shoes last longer than just a single winter- no matter what you're stepping through.

  1. Add Waterproof Spray: Heisler's sells "Silicone Water-Guard," an affordable and easy- to use spray that can be applied on nearly any material. Just one application will make your shoes waterproof- a feature that many stylish boots unfortunately lack. Doing so will keep your feet warm and your shoes protected.

  2. For leather shoes, it's crucial to add a shoe wax at least once a week in order for the shoe to retain its original glow.

  3. If your shoes get stained from the salt, use a cotton ball to dab on diluted white vinegar.

  4. Let your shoes naturally air dry- to absorb excess moisture, insert newspaper into the shoes.

  5. Apply a leather renewal cream to restore the leather's color and prevent drying.

All necessary materials are available at Heisler's Bootery for affordable prices. While you're coming in to shop for our unique, comfort-oriented shoes, be sure to grab leather cream and waterproof spray on your way out! They'll make your shoes last and your feet warm- what could be better?

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