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Heisler's Bootery's Aetrex Scanner

When Heisler's first opened in 1908, John Heisler could not have anticipated the rapid technological advancements that would take place throughout the century. At that point, technology in footcare was limited to shoe horns and shoe trees.

Now, Heisler's Bootery is proud to posses ground-breaking footcare technology: Aetrex's Albert 2 Pro Scanner. The machine is incredibly simple to use- all you have to do is step on it to receive crucial data about your foot's shape and pressure. Based off the collected data, the Albert software will recommend you the ideal pair of orthotics which will relocate pressure and bring immense relief.

Let's try it out!

Meet Josh! Josh has been experiencing immense pain in the heel and front of his foot. He's looking for orthotics which will alleviate pressure and allow him to live his a painless yet active lifestyle. He has previously tried drugstore orthotics, but has struggled in managing the pain and finding an effective solution. Heisler's Bootery has a large variety of Aetrex orthotics, each of which has custom features and designs. They have repeatedly proven to bring relief to every situation- and therefore, every foot. It is crucial for Josh to find the perfect pair, so he comes to the Bootery to use the Albert scanner.

Josh simply steps on the Aetrex scanner with his feet slightly apart. In a matter of seconds, the scanner will read his foot length, width, girth, and arch height. This data is measured using four state-of-the-art 3D Depth Cameras, making the data incredibly accurate. The premium Aetrex pressure plate determines each foot's exact pressure points, demonstrating where any discomfort may exist. The unique technology ensures precision throughout the data, even as it is converted into 3-dimensional models.

Once the data is collected, each customer is specially recommended a unique pair of orthotics. The recommendation is made based off collected data, and often is a perfect fit for the customer. For Josh, Albert recommended the L400 in a size 13. The L400 is one of our most popular orthotics: it is specially designed to ensure comfort and support, relieving arch pain, heel, pain, and absorbing shock. Many of our orthotics are also specially designed for those suffering from Plantar Fasciitis- an increasingly common condition. These orthotics are designed to fit into the majority of shoes- they have the ability to make even the most uncomfortable walking shoe feel like a cloud.

Additionally, all of the collected data is available for you to access at any time. Simply type in an email address and you will have access to everything that Albert collected. When the data is sent to you, it will also allow you to access the Aetrex Learning Center, which will coherently explain what the measurements mean for your feet.

No robot will ever replace the stellar customer service that a business like Heisler's Bootery offers. Here, we will take the time to truly understand your needs, issues, and personal style to find the perfect shoe no matter the complications. Yet, newly developed technology brings us one step closer to achieving that. The Albert software provides previously inaccessible data, bringing you one step closer to comfortable steps. For Josh, the Aetrex scanner brought him to the ideal orthotic with a 30 second long scan- he is now able to enjoy comfortable feet without the ordeal of trying on dozens of pairs. Whether you are an athlete, suffering from foot pains, or simply trying to take care of your body, the Albert technology is necessary to try.

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