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Heisler's Bootery Gift Giving Guide

Christmas time has fallen upon us like a soft snowfall, transporting us into a nostalgic world of cozy winter nights, family reunions, streets lit up with golden lights, and... chaotic shopping sprees. As rewarding as gift giving is, finding the perfect gift can be a nightmare. Luckily, Heisler's Bootery has an abundance of gifts ready to be given- after all, what's a better present than warm feet? Our staff has formulated a Heisler's gift giving guide to suit any individual's needs, no matter how unique their style may be.


For the Outdoorsman:

Designed for those who enjoy winter hikes, Baffin's "Zone" is a very high-performing sports boot. Zone is heavily insulated and has even been rated suitable for tundra conditions. Additionally, the boot is waterproof, compatible with snowshoes, and has a built in tendon guard. What could be a better gift for the outdoorsman in your life?

Available in black and grey.


For the Stylish:

Heisler's Bootery sells boots which allow for both style and comfort- an unfortunately rare combination. Rubi, by Aetrex (coincidentally one of our most popular brands), has a classic, versatile look and is perfect with jeans, tights, or leggings. The boot is not just gorgeous- it's also incredibly comfortable, with a supportive, cushioned insole and adjustable straps. If that's not enough, the boot is made from weather-friendly genuine leather! Style it with a plaid skirt and sweater, jeans and a blouse... the fashionable possibilities are endless! Rubi is certainly a perfect present for any stylish individual!

Available in black and brown.


For the Athletic:

Those who have already tried Gravity Defyer shoes will firmly attest to their comfort. One of our best-selling shoes, Gravity Defyers will defy your expectations of comfort. Clinically proven to relieve knee pain, these shoes have everything: stability, a rolling forefoot design, and a reverse trampoline heel. All of these features come together to absorb shock from the ground, resulting in 85% less knee pain. Heisler's stocks numerous styles and sizes for both men and women.


For the Icons:

For those who are always rocking some sort of eccentric style is the L'Artiste collection. Each item from the Spring Step brand makes a hand-painted statement. L'Artiste is a popular brand at Heisler's Bootery- their fall boots include the Harmonic Booties, Captivate Booties, and Rugup Booties (pictured).


For Cozy Nights:

Nothing beats the feeling of warm slippers on a winter night, and of course, Heisler's Bootery stocks these too! We feature a collection of slippers from Halfinger, slippers made from 100% pure, breathable wool. We also have numerous slippers from Fidelio, Red Wing, and Bearpaw, which are available for both men and women!


Other Great Picks:

Heisler's Bootery is not just limited to shoes- we also have a wide selection of socks, orthotics, purses, and wallets. Haiku Brand wallets are sleek, come with full RFID protection, and work as a perfect stocking stuffer. Haiku also has a line of purses- all made from recycled ingredients. This woman-owned and operated business is one of our best! We also sell a variety of American-made Sockwell socks, many of which can help with plantar fasciitis, blood flow, or just keeping you warm throughout the winter.


Of course, this is not all that Heisler's Bootery has to offer. We carry something for everyone, no matter their needs or tastes- come on in and see for yourself! But, ultimately Christmas is not just for shopping. Christmas is a time to celebrate and honor love, family, and the gift of giving. This Christmas season, recognize the "good old times" while you're in them- and make this the happiest holiday season yet. From our store to you, Merry Christmas.

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